Small Boat Harbour: New Deck

Tulloch Developments created a new deck at the small boat harbour in Lerwick. This project was undertaken on behalf of the Lerwick Port Authority in close liaison with the Lerwick Boating Club.

  • Contract Value: £480,000
  • Contract Length: 5 Months
  • Client: Lerwick Port Authority

Project Description

Part of the task involved replacing the former timber deck, used for storing the Club’s yachts, with a new and larger one. The other element of the job was the reconstruction of the sea wall and the creation of a promenade, with a new concrete wall to support both that and the road.

The contract value was £480,000 and the contract duration was approximately five months. The deck is formed by H-section piles driven to bedrock with a suspended wooden deck. The wall is made from precast concrete sections, lifted into place, with mass concrete infill at the back to hold them in place.

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